March 19, 2021

What are the highest paid construction jobs in 2021?

Aiming high in construction? There’s never been a better time to get a construction career.

Whether you’re a school-leaver, a labourer or a tradie, you can step up your game for a high paid job in construction.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest paid construction jobs and how you can get there.

Highest paid construction jobs

As you read these high paid construction roles and read their descriptions, picture yourself working in the industry to reflect on whether it’s right for you.

Construction manager

In this role, you would plan and organise the construction of a building project. These could be residential dwelling, commercial building, or civil projects like bridges and tunnels.

You would be the head of a team, directing, controlling and organising other workers like trades and labourers. You’ll also be involved in some of the building work plus human resources like hiring and firing.

Average salary: $179,400
(data from JobOutlook)

Construction Project Manager

Also called a construction PM, these folk plan projects and make sure projects run on time and to budget. 

You’d have to have great organisational and people skills, and be good with money. As a construction project manager, you’d also be liaising with the client.

The average salary for this job varies depending on what type of projects you work on and your experience in the industry. They typically range from $100,000 at entry level to over $200,000 for senior experts.

Average salary: $140,000
(data from CoreTalent)


Also known as a foreman, this is one of the best paying jobs in construction, but it comes with equal amounts of responsibility.

As a foreperson, you’d be in charge of an entire construction site, the activities that go on, and the health and safety of all workers.

You would need to be confident in your knowledge of building so that you can guide the crew and help them solve day to day challenges.

Like the roles of construction manager and project manager, it’s possible to work your way up to the role of foreperson without a degree.

Average salary: $125,000
(data from CoreTalent)

How to get there

Start with a trade

If doing a long university degree doesn’t appeal—or if you’re not quite ready yet—then the best place to start is by doing building and construction courses.

Aside from skipping a long and expensive degree, there are other advantages to starting with a course like a certificate or diploma.

A lot of people prefer to start as tradies before advancing their careers. This will help you work out if the construction industry is right for you.

Starting as a trade or builder also allows you to get experience “on the tools,” so that when you move up to a supervisor or manager position, you’ll feel more comfortable supervising the other trades and labourers.

To become a tradie, you’ll need to do a cert 3. With so many different trades to choose from, we recommend browsing through our construction courses to see what strikes your interest.

Step up your game

If you’re feeling confident that a supervisor or management job is right for you and want to skip working on the tools, then you might like to do cert 4 or a diploma.

One of our most popular courses is the CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building). This is the perfect course to give you the skills and qualifications to become a builder or construction manager.

While there are a few providers that offer this course, CWTBS stands out from the crowd because we even offer you free mentorship with an industry expert to help you get your builder’s licence.

Similarly, the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) also qualifies you as a builder, construction manager, foreperson or similar roles. It qualifies you to work on bigger projects than the cert 4 and earn a higher salary!

Already work in construction?

If you want to step up your game from tradie to builder, don’t forget that you might be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) to shorten your certificate or diploma.

Could you do a high paid construction job?

Now that you know what the best paying construction jobs are and how to get one, it’s time to reflect on your study pathway.

No matter which stage of your career you’re at—from school leaver to working trade—doing a CWBTS construction course can help you reach your career goals.

Just chat with one of our friendly course advisors to find out what makes CWBTS one of the best training providers in the eastern states.

Want to do a Certificate IV in Building and Construction or Diploma of Building and Construction? Speak to a CWBTS course advisor today to learn more.

Call 1300 4 CWBTS or request a call back.

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