Here at CWBTS, we live and breathe building and construction. We intimately understand the industry and have strong relationships within the building and construction community and the education sector.

Through these established connections, we are able to deliver qualifications that provide real-world skills. Our graduates leave our learning organisation with a stronger network and the confidence to take the next step in their career.

Get your experience recognised

CWBTS is a learning organisation that offers nationally accredited qualifications for the building and construction industry.

Our qualifications range from traineeships and apprenticeships up to Diploma level and cover trades such as carpentry, concreting, formwork, civil and building and construction.

Founded by the Simonds Group

BAA was originally founded by the Simonds Group which includes Simonds Homes, one of Australia’s largest builder of detached housing in Australia. This allowed BAA great insight into employee and Industry focused educational delivery with an emphasis on the importance of meeting Industry needs. Building homes since 1949, Simonds Homes celebrates a heritage that is celebrated and trusted by Australian families and Industry.

In December 2021, the ownership of BAA changed yet a strong strategic relationship with Simonds Homes remains. Simonds Homes is one of many strategic partners that BAA work closely with.

A Part Of UP Education

For over 25 years, UP Education has built an innovative, student-centred global learning community. UP Education provide outstanding educational opportunities for students seeking a tertiary study experience in New Zealand or Australia.UP Education acquired BAA in December 2021. UP Education operates 30+ campuses in 10 locations in New Zealand and Australia. BAA are proud to be a part of UP Education.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • 250,000+ students educated across hundreds of courses
  • 25+ years educating international & domestic students
  • 800+ people with a passion for amplifying potential
  • 30+ campuses in 10 locations across Australasia
  • 6 partnerships with leading universities
  • 10 private colleges in the group

UP Education believe that with great care and focus on the individual, potential can be exponential. UP Eduction and BAA offer much more than education — together we are passionate about equipping students with life-long, dynamic skills that prepare them to take on everything their future holds.

Why study with us?

  • You will be trained by a qualified trainer and tradesperson who has current and relevant experience in what you will be learning and will be able to give you real world insights.
  • Flexible modes of delivery from classroom-based, workplace-based and online training available for a range of courses.
  • Delivery is available across both urban and rural parts of Australia
  • We are owned by Australia’s fourth largest homebuilder and have strong industry networks.
  • We offer a variety of fee payment options, including access to Commonwealth and state government subsidies for eligible students and payment plans.

Who studies with us

  • We have a wide-ranging student base which includes but is not limited to:

    1. Trainees and apprentices;
    2. Tradespeople wanting to start their own business or develop their skills;
    3. Non-tradespeople who work within the building and construction industry.

    We cater for both individuals wanting to develop their skills and employers wanting to develop the skills of their staff.

Ready to take your next step towards your building and construction career?

If you would like to find out more about CWBTS then please either pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 4 CWBTS (1300 429 287), drop us a line through the website, or jump onto one of our social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

About our RTOs

Legal name: City-Wide Building & Training Services Pty Ltd
Trading name: CWBTS
RTO Code: 91138
ABN: 42 100 650 084
ACN: 100 650 084
Key links: Training.gov.au & MySkills.gov.au

Builders Academy Australia (BAA)

Legal name: House of Learning Pty Ltd
Trading name: Builders Academy Australia
RTO Code: 21583
ABN: 21 144 869 634
ACN: 144 869 634
Key links: Training.gov.au & MySkills.gov.au